About Us

"I don't go anywhere where there are roads. I will go where there is no road, and I will leave a trail."

I am an artist in every expression of the word, and I am incomplete unless I am in a creative environment. The birth of our clothing comes from the need for creative expression on a larger scale... To further that creativity.

We want to fill a gap in the women's market. Sure, I could go to the mall and see if the stores have items I can't afford, or it would increase my chances of having at least five people wearing the same outfit as me. But I also wanted to create this place that would bring color, confidence and happiness to a woman's day. Sometimes all it takes is for a woman to have a nice new dress to turn a bad day into a good one, to give a woman the confidence she needs at a job interview, or to give that stay-at-home mom a reason to smile after a rare day in the moment she takes herself

It was without a doubt the most challenging and fulfilling experience of my life. As a notorious workaholic, I live for my store and help my customers find the perfect outfit. Your satisfaction will give me more inspiration to create more fashionable and elegant women's dresses.